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About the Practitioner

Julie Meluch

Licensed Massage Therapist

Graduated with an associate degree from the National Institute of Massotherapy

Nationally certified in Geriatric Massage through the Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute

Insured through ABMP

 I believe learning is a crucial part in advancing the skills needed to perform an ever adapting treatment approach. Even as a licensed massage therapist, I continuously attend educational seminars, as learning has no limits.

I believe that in a world of mass production, automation, uncertainty, and stress it is most important to have integrity in all that we do. I promise to give my utmost respect,attention, and care to all of my clients. I see the beauty of massage in its subtleness to calm, its powerful therapeutic techniques, and its versatile abilities to touch upon what has so often gone unnoticed or overstrained. As an artist, I find each individual his own special canvas and the massage is our combined work of art.

Working as a full time nanny, a part time secretary, working on the family farm, and two years in a 60 hours-a-week plastic factory has shown me how easy it is to overstrain the body and the importance of listening to its needs. We all fatigue ourselves at some point, but not all of us take the time to not only rest, but reverse the negative impact that years of stress have built up. Regular massage once a month, or even every two months, is an excellent way to start living a healthier lifestyle.

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